featured on feedmyapp.com

So, James and I have been submitting Visual Root to various “website review sites” around the Internet, and … most of them have a pretty large turnaround time so at this stage not exactly sure how effective we’re being.

But, one of the first sites we applied to was feedmyapp.com which is just a personal favorite review site of mine, and they actually accepted us, so for a while we get a spot on their front page under new apps. Yeah!


we’re an app dude

Still not a lot of action on the site, although the same phenomenon of good reviews, not much action continues. So … I guess it’s not all bad.

We’ve done two things to increase ease of use:

First, which doesn’t really increase use, but will probably help, we packaged the site as a Google Chrome app extension, which can be found here. This is really nothing more than putting together a how-to-use video and a few screenshots and a description and packaging it nicely, but it was important for us to really sit down and come up with a small set of media that accurately described the site.

Second, we added an in-app tutorial that goes with the user and teaches how to use the site. It’s annoying after awhile, but is easily dismissible and doesn’t come up for registered users. We’ll see what people think about it.


and some awesome new friends

I have to say, we have been fortunate to make some very cool and influential friends in the mind mapping community of late.

In particular, we were able to show Philippe Boukobza the site, and he liked it, which meant a ton coming from someone like him. He also said that he’d probably help promote the site on Facebook and his several blogs, which is awesome. One thing he suggested is that we add the ability to export trees in the FreeMind open-source mind-mapping format, which should be an easy add and is a great idea.

Also, we met Jamie Nast, who is also awesome. She’s another huge name in the mind-mapping community and was kind enough to actually start her own root on the site, which has actually become fairly large.

Good times 🙂


the crickets are chirping

Absolutely not a lot of action on the site.

Sort of, I mean, people are using it here and there, and the people that do use it generally like it, but they don’t stick around for too long.

And it’s kind of puzzling because the reviews are generally good, and there’s always a flurry of action when people first get on the site, but then it rapidly dies off, and those people are generally never heard from again. We assume that using the site is in some way fatal long term.

James and I are exploring ideas for helping people use the … probably a responsive, in screen tutorial system of some type … maybe a genie or something. Catching one is going to be a bitch.

something evil this way comes

So, today we finally got ‘version 1’ of the site up, which is kind of amazing, just because how haphazardly the project started and how … all things considered, fast and painless development has been. One month total development time, almost to the day. Not bad for a first effort.

Anyway, we’ll be putting it out there finally for people to use, and see what happens. Hopefully people enjoy it.